World new large assortment of flavor for carbonated water

AromhusetThe flavors are the same as we offer to the commercial bottles water industry, for example in Sweden.

2/3 capsule (2 ml) flavor 1 liter of carbonated water. The flavor is not sweetened, have no artificial sweeteners and contains no sugar or color. It adds a tasty smell and a light taste without sweetness, acidity or body. No calories. Taste is great and very refreshing, a lot better then plain carbonated water.

In Sweden 2009, 70% of all carbonated mineral waters is now flavored. It was in Sweden 5 years ago that flavored carbonated water started, we consider Sweden as the pilot country for flavored carbonated water. That they take over the sale is simply because flavored carbonated water tastes better than non flavored.

Ramlösa Health Spring, established 1707, is Sweden’s leading producer of Mineral water, supplying the Swedish King and Government as well as world famous.

On their front page at they now show their big selling flavored carbonated mineral waters.

Add more and extra profit with this world new assortment

Sooner or later over 50% of home carbonated water will be flavored. Order today and be one of the first in your country to start this market.

A 30 ml PET bottle flavor 15 liters of carbonated water. It takes up very little space – diameter is 30 mm – and weigh is less than 40 gram so we can supply you freight free by parcel from Sweden.

Just place the flavors where customers change CO2 or at cashier and the flavors will sell themselves. If you want to speed up sale, just let customers taste.

The assortment is world’s largest with many different flavors. You can pick what suits your country or you can order the whole assortment.

We also have an assortment in 270 ml bottles that flavor 135 liter carbonated water. This is for large consumers and “water at work” carbonating machines etc.